5 mai 2017 News

MOBIDEM: a trusted and secure identity online

With new regulations such as AML, eIDAS, or PSD2, companies face strong requirements when dealing with end-user identification as part of their KYC process. It becomes even more difficult when dealing with remote identification.

As Digital Transformation is in the Agenda of most Board of Directors, companies need to find new solutions to answer the legal requirements while rolling-out their digital strategy.

Our Mobile Identity for the Masses offering (MobIdeM) is the perfect answer to this as it enables the creation and use of a trusted and secure Digital Identity online.


What is it?

mobidem combines some of our core services for mobile identification:

  • ID Verification Services to authenticate an ID
  • Facial recognition services to compare the picture extracted from the ID with a Selfie taken (including liveness detection)
  • An authentication mechanisms (OTP SMS, Soft token, SIM based).


How does it work?

In their customer journey, companies introduce an identification relying on our mobidem solution. This can be done easily through identity federation services.  In such case, the end-user is prompted to enroll within the mobidem Identity Provider. Enrollment relies on the verification of an ID, the comparison of the picture on the ID with a Selfie taken in Liveness conditions and the initialization of an authentication mechanism. Once created, this identity will be re-usable with all Service Providers that have subscribed to mobidem Identity Services.


Companies benefits

With mobidem, companies don’t need to aggregate different solutions of identification and authentication to be compliant with the existing regulations.

mobidem is under the evaluation of the French National Security Agency and should be notified as a substantial guaranteed Identity according to eIDAS.

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us at contact@ariadnext.com